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Frequently asked questions

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Are the trainings non-facilitated?

Yes, there is no facilitator in the workshops. However if you want you can add a facilitator who will be on a "Spectator/Pause" mode during the whole workshop.

How to plan my workshops and create a learning program?

You can either choose from our ready built programs/journeys or you can go through our team assessment and get a custom training program for your specific needs.

How many people can go through a workshop?

There is no participants limitation for the workshops. However, if you schedule a workshop for more then 7 people they will be divided into different workshop sessions.

What are the team alignment, team coverage and team bond certificates and badges?

The team alignment and team coverage certificates and badges will help you to showcase your effort and achievements towards your teams growth, alignment and bond. They can serve as a significant competitive advantage for your company and will help you grow your business, build trust and attract and retain your talents.

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